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Stationery Selections - "2002 CALENDAR"

2002 Calendar

Susan Loy of Literary Calligraphy in Moneta, VA, joins text from literary classics or Biblical passages with delicate watercolor images and creates a unique bond between fine art and literature.

"Flowers, the Angels' Alphabet," the Literary Calligraphy calendar for 2002 features twelve watercolors from the Language of Flowers Series of watercolor paintings that are featured in Susan's new book.

Bonus: Includes important literary flower dates such as May 21, Emerson wrote in his journal in 1856, "[Thoreau] thinks he could tell by the flowers what day of the month it is, within two days."

For the 2002 calendar she created a special border to surround the individual flower paintings pictured February through November. Features a full-page image on the top, with a full-page month grid below (including past and future month), these calendars provide a perfect combination of beauty and utility. The 12" x 12" format opens to 12" x 24" - large enough to display intricate detail and allow ample room for writing in important dates. [Printed in Bedford County, Virginia].

All 2002 Calendar art included in "Flowers, the Angels' Alphabet":
January "The Language of Flowers" (sold out print)

February   "Lemon Geranium: Serenity"
View "Lemon Geranium: Serenity"   print online.

March   "Rosemary: Remembrance" (sold out print)
Alternative Rosemary selection is "Shakespeare's Pansy and Rosemary"   (new link coming)

April   "Iris: Message"
View "Iris: Message"   print online.

May   "Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness" (sold out print)
Available in Old Testament Note Card Assortment

June   "Magnolia: Love of Nature"
View "Magnolia: Love of Nature"   print online.

July   "Lady Slipper: Capricious Beauty"
View "Lady Slipper: Capricious Beauty"   print online.

August   "Gladiolus: Strength of Character"
View "Gladiolus: Strength of Character"   print online.

September   "Cherry: Education"
View "Cherry: Education"   print online.

October   "Mint: Virtue" (sold out print)

November   "Ivy: Friendship"
View "Ivy: Friendship"   print online.

December   "Language of Flowers" (sold out print)

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