Literary Calligraphy by Susan Loy

Leaves Selections - "WE TWO"
Walt Whitman

We Two

Susan Loy of Literary Calligraphy in Moneta, VA, joins text from literary classics or Biblical passages with delicate watercolor images and creates a unique bond between fine art and literature.

This print celebrates the friendship of two beings and is a homage to pairs. The complete poem, "We Two, How Long We Were Fool'd," featured in the painting was first published in Whitman's Leaves of Grass in 1867.

The artist chose the brilliant green leaves of the black oak to illustrate the poem because of Whitman's fondness for black oaks, symbols of strength.

"We Two"
Signed prints from an original watercolor painting
Image size 6"x6", Paper size 10"x10", Frame size: 12"x12"

Gift wrap available. Please specify occasion.
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