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The link below allows you to send your credit card number to Literary Calligraphy via a totally safe and secure shopping cart. Your cc# is encrypted so there is no possibility of any breach.

The cart is completely secure, but clunky. Due to the complexities of matting, framing, etc, it does not calculate your purchase or shipping charges in real-time. The $1 charge that you'll see is therefore arbitrary; we will calculate your total and will confirm with you before shipping. Once we have your confirmation, then we will actually charge your credit card in a separate process.

Click the "Go to Secure Cart" button below ~ you'll then be taken to the Literary Calligraphy Store at Again, the $1 charge is arbitrary; you will be charged in a separate in-house process shortly before shipping. Once you tell us what you want (you've got plenty of space for special instructions and gift messages), click GO TO PAYMENTS. Fill out your billing/shipping info, then click CONTINUE. Select "Payment by Credit Card" and CONTINUE. Enter your credit card details and ORDER NOW. You should get a thank you and an order number. secure lock

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